Our Story

“Exceeding beyond our inspiration, producing affordable, high quality, design-led products for the modern woman and child.”


Our Story | A Weathered Penny (AWP) is a UK based jewellery brand, producing women’s and children’s jewellery.




From the Start –

Since AWP was founded in 2012 by owner Kayleigh Carter, our aim has remained the same, create affordable, high quality, design-led women’s and children’s jewellery.

As a result, our products are handmade to the highest standard with attention to detail ever present. Strong focus on quality finishing provided our products with modernity, therefore our jewellery remains stylish every season.

Over the year’s –

We have experienced a significant rise in the number of stores stocking our jewellery, including our flagship stores Topshop Oxford Street, Marble Arch and St Paul’s.

Additionally, key stores across the world continue to stock our jewellery with over 100 carefully selected stores stocking AWP.

We’re extremely humbled by the continued support and remain as committed as ever to to bring you the finest jewellery on the high street.

The Future –

Because we like to see customers wearing affordable, high-quality jewellery, our ambition is to expand into 60 further stores by 2019.

Most of all, we promise to continue exceeding beyond our inspiration, creating higher quality, design-led, affordable products for the modern women and child.

Finally, for more details on our story, or for more information related to A Weathered Penny – info@aweatheredpenny.co.uk